Friday, December 19, 2008

21 things girls dont notice

1) Guys may be flirt​ing aroun​d all day, but befor​e they go to sleep​,​​ they alway​s think​ about​ the girl they truly​ care about​.​​.​​.
2) Guys are more emoti​onal then you think​,​​ if they loved​ you at one point​,​​ it'​​ll take them a lot longe​r then you think​ to let you go, and it hurts​ every​ secon​d that they arent​ with u

3) Guys go crazy​ over a girl'​​s smile​ ( :

4) A guy who likes​ you,they wants to be the only guy you talk to.

5) Givin​g a guy a hangi​ng messa​ge like "You know what?​​.​​.​​uh.​​.​​.​​never​ mind.​​.​​"​​ would​ make him jump to a concl​usion​ that is far from what you are think​ing.​​ And he'​​ll assume he did somet​hing wrong​ and he'​​ll obses​s about​ it tryin​g to figur​e it out.

6) If a guy tells​ you about​ his probl​ems,​​ he just needs​ someo​ne to liste​n to him.​​.​​.​​.​​.​​​You don'​​t need to give advic​e

7) A usual​ act that prove​s that the guy likes​ you is when he tease​s you


9) Guys use words​ like hot or cute to descr​ibe girls​.​​ They rarel​y use beaut​iful or gorge​ous.​​ If a guy uses that,​​ he loves​ you or likes​ you a whole​ heck of a lot.

10)​​If the guy does somet​hing stupi​d in front​ of the girl,​​ he will think​ about​ it for the next coupl​e days or until​ the next time he spend​s time with you

11)​​If a guy looks​ unusu​ally calm and laid back,​​ he's proba​bly fakin​g it and he is reall​y think​ing about​ somet​hing

12) When a guy says he is going​ crazy​ about​ the girl,​​ he reall​y is.

13)​​When a guy asks you to leave​ him alone​,​​ he's just actua​lly sayin​g,​​ "​​Pleas​e come and liste​n to me"

14)​​If a guy start​s to talk serio​usly,​​ liste​n to him. It doesn​'​​t happe​n that often​,​​ so when it does,​​ you know somet​hing'​​s up.

15) When a guy looks​ at you for longe​r than a secon​d,​​ he's defin​itely​ think​ing somet​hing

16) Guys reall​y think​ that girls​ are stran​ge and have unpre​dicta​ble decis​ions and are MAD confu​sing but someh​ow are drawn​ even more to them

17)A guy would​ give the world​ to be able to read a girl'​​s mind for a day

18)​​No guys can handl​e all his probl​ems on his own he's just too stubb​orn to admit​ it

19)​​NOT ALL GUYS ARE RUDE!​​!​​!​​ Just becau​se ONE is RUDE doesn​'​​t mean he repre​sents​ ALL of them


21)​​Even if you dump a guy month​s ago and he loved​ you he proba​bly still​ does and if he had one wish it would​ be you to come back into his life
Every​thing​ said in this bulle​tin is TRUE

P/S: so hey!value the one who loves you yah. ;)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Don't go please.

i used to call my duck 'RUS'.

i am losing duck today.
i am sorry for being such an ass.
i am sorry for being a terrible owner.

i miss my duck.
i miss my duck.
i miss my duck.

i want my pet to come back to me.
i want to cuddle n never let go.
i cant stop crying while typing this.
i really miss my duck.oh.
i wish i am good enough to take care of my duck.

i dun care if ppls might be wondering why i cry for the duck.
i know.chichi knows.its enough.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


today is another day i feel so helpless.
today i feel envy of many peoples.
today i feel sorrow.
today is tedious
today i fear.
today sucks.

ya Allah,gimme strength to go through next semester.

i doubt myself.
i couldn't even guess what's my result would be.
i don't feel like to carry my previous project to the next sem.
i guess i give up on that.
i would like to be given a chance to do another project for next sem.
i am sick with video project.
i didn't have the chance to preview my video in previous sem.
i always stuck with technical problem such and such
i only display my print ad,promotion and logo for previous semester.
i want to preview my TVC but i didnt make it happen!
i spent many hundreds for it.
i waste my time filming.
i ended up with frustration.
i asked peoples due to my problem, but they also couldn't find why.
i asked lecturer 4 solutions but d damn technical prob is still bothered.


i give up,no doubt.
i need to do something else to save my result.
i want to remain first class degree.
i need to move on.


i coax myself .
i feel fine.
i relief.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Crying Heart

At the moment,I'm still not feeling sleepy..i don't know why lately i can't sleep at the right hour.Hmmm...I'm pretty tense with my weight,study,and future.

Firstly, I'm really frustrated why i cant just lose weight easily even though i ate rice once a day.previously my weight is just hit 53-54kgs with height 5'6 ft.NOW, im happy that Chichi is still happy with me but lately he always make fun of my flabby waist,my bulky thigh and malik noor hand..=('s funny but sometimes it hurts my feeling.In short, im sad...='( so envy with girl who has nice leg,and everything nice lah...We went out yesterday,it was a beautiful day.We had a great time but when He was fooling around way too much ,my heart's crying silently.i felt down.Deep inside "Yelaaa..I omok =( ".i never want to spoil the i was just keep smiling and laughing as if nothing.Well,it is not his fault,he was trying to be funny.he did not critic...Maybe it's just me....feeling,im crying..well yeahhh..i think he's good-looking and looking back at me,im just ok-ok lah.and now i added extra fat n become ko-ko im not in the mood to continue the second and third paragraph.maybe i need to sleep.maybe i'll continue later..i think i want to end here....


Monday, December 1, 2008


I suppose to be happy rite now happily chit-chatting with chilel BUT end up surveying places to go for vacation with sibling and frens.Well,thanx to daddy for let me and fara(lil sis) to go for vacation...its kinda SUX doing survey...Urghh.and the best part is that im surveying ALONE =( WHILE chi is having a blast watching football with guy friends at Hartamas..Nvm..he should have his own sweet time with friends..BUT Still he will be going with me!!.He should suggest me something... =(..Well the exact place to go is still undecided, my first choice is Langkawi ,secondly Cameron Highland then thirdly is Genting how ah?huhu screw me..puzzled me through and through..*sigh* ..i voted for langkawi but chichi said "no need to do snorkeling there" so there is no point of going to Langkawi rite...but he's quite right because its TOO EXPENSIVE...RM200 per person!!!!and not to compare Pulau Perhentian rate is only cost us RM40 per person to snorkel(if i not mistaken)because the last time i went there the price was around that amount...*sigh* ..but hey! the price is doesn't matter actually..the matter is im going in a large group and not many of them want to spend so much i should be more considerate bout it.....
hmm my mood swing...chi balik la =(...i miss today is our 12months get home early pleassshh...*sigh* how i wish he can hear my inner voice screaming with style (how's that?..haha)...its already 3.30am..we should have our moment kan =( la you nih! eii..well i found it sounds like cursing in a good just cheering up sounded stupid though......ugh.