Sunday, March 22, 2009

You fall,You fail.

yes, im a crybaby but im not easily to fall because im fear of failing.
yes, im a crybaby but that doesnt mean im weak.
so keep on moving.Fat.

p/s:miss him..

Friday, March 20, 2009

Dear Him,

For real,I don't know what makes me love u endlessly,but i just do!
love you chilel,Don't fail me to love by days the love feeling is stronger but sometimes it could be fragile.keep me like u taking care of a glass from me you always.


Vice Versa

i need you to listen but not barking,
i need you to be there but not making reason,
i need you to comfort but not annoyed.
vice versa,
you need me to listen and i always lend my ears,
you need me to be there and i always be there,
you need me to comfort and i always convince.

or maybe i just cry for the moon?
Today,im fucking sad.
i terrify of tonnes assignment.monday is a presentation day.
but thats not the major that bloody messed me.hah.whatever.
In sum, Im Fucked up.Mother 'F'.Ugh.