Monday, April 13, 2009

Spill Out Straight From The Heart

i am a ferocious woman and heartless,i guess there's nothing special about me to be proud of.perhaps egoistic makes me win the titles.but when it comes to relationship,i lose.i become a lovable person.see,how complicated i am to be Fatrisha Yussof.The dark and angel side are equal.Anyway,i am not attracted to new guys and dun give a fuck of those flirtatious act.Frankly,i am confuse.i cry a lot than laugh now.i wish there is no word of hurt or feeling hurt exist.right now i have many wish than before.i wish i could say things to express my inner feeling rather than crying.i used to be the 'princess'.i miss the greatest, i confronted with too many words of 'depends' and 'buts'.Sometimes I'm tired of the feeling but i hold back because of the responsibility.i believe fortune favors the brave.i hate the word losing and even worst the failure because i dunno how to deal with it but i prefer the word improving or 'workout' because it has always lead to positive consequences.i forgive and forget.'if i were a boy' is the song that i dedicated to all man in the world.if Ive been given a chance to say words to lovebirds i would say "Love and appreciate your partner before its gone because when u try to reach them back.its not going to be the same.then you'll realize how much ure losing.".Currently, i am learning of words growing-up because i want to make decision like an adult.i don't want to make mistake that i will regret forever.Hey people dun get me wrong,im not single or being dumped out.i am still HIS fav gf..everything i wrote up there is coming from my heart and need to spill it out.well u can be the judges.

P/s: i miss my you miss me? =(..