Saturday, December 26, 2009


I slowly opened my was blurry and almost everything looked white.I guess i just had a long napped with no memory innit. At the corner of my bed, i saw someone was lying lifelessly.He looked pale n exhausted. My heart was thumping hard as if i knew this guy from d'past. Was he the guardian of my solitude days?..tsk tsk..Wait, i recognized his face but it came to grief wen i cudn't recall anything perfectly.i wonder why did i have a good feeling about him and why did he look so familiar? ...suddenly, a voice broke the silence exclaimed that i've been conscious from a coma..oh! i was half dead previously? ..i tried to make a pace but my movement was slow.*sigh* i need to know what day is today... Ive got to stimulate all my nerves and so i walked...I searched fr a calendar and i found dat today is 24th December 09.i felt so relieved.What a beautiful day to feel alive again...what has been happening to me? why didn't i remember anything but i felt pain in d'heart? did somebody stab my heart and let me in d woebegone misery? Sth caught my eyes on the notice board.It stated "Fatrisha has been coma since Sunday,5th july 2009 till Wednesday,23rd December 2009.Thursday,24th December 2009 - The awakening" .GOSH! what a long period to sleep..but,there's tiny feeling of devastated.My mind has deteriorated.i cudn't recall much n it led me to despair.The worst part is i still feel d pain in the heart.Who did this? ferocious that person was!....I startled when 'The guy from the past' tapped on my shoulder.I gazed into his eyes searching for a clue.He smiled n blurted out '' i saved you... '' ..tears started welling my eyes.He randomly checked on his shirt pocket and sth came out.He hand it to me,its a love necklace..."This is a gift for you because of surviving."his voice trembled....the scene baffled me completely.he was murmuring sth that i hardly to hear and suddenly he uttered out his name..very familiar!...i started to sob like a child....finally,i remember the name who saved me,but i couldnt remember the name who had murdered me..urm murdered? i dunno what a better word to rephrase....then,the word BITCH pop-up on my mind,followed by the thought of an outmoded blonde kid..who's she?...but the face was blur and distorted.....fuck.that must have sth to do with my past!....i tried to remember more...a big white bear on the building came next...i cried..i walked to my bed and contemplated over things but i failed to remember an important clue....maybe god doesn't want me to dig out what has happened previously. it must be tragic incident or maybe a beautiful journey but full with obstacles..i don't, im reborn fatrisha that aged 24 years old.i live again.Let bygones be bygones.I don't want to remember coz im pretty sure its sad story.i petrify.


stitch said...

i ader melawat u time u tgh koma

Chisha said... wonder u looked familiar ...u must be a gud guy.=)..thanx for visitting..=)

Mimie Leesa said...

No wonder there's no news from u in facebook. I don't even know that you're in coma. I so sorry. If I know, i would surely visit you.
I'm sorry fat. Anyway, welcome back. Semoga u cepat sembuh ;)

Chisha said...

honey mimie...i wasnt literally in coma. it was just a story i created based on my true life.i mean the event scene a lil bit the time i wrote tis,i was emotional n came out from my heart that keeps me writing it.. it became a lil bit delusional..but hey..ive recovered =D from the pain..